Childcare Parent Rewards

Be first to register your child care provider and claim $250

We recognise the importance of parents to our network of sharing absences and vacancies and we want to reward you for introducing your long day care centre to our app. To find out how to earn $250 for connecting your child care provider, click here

Every absence can be a Reward payment - up to 50% of your fees

If you are a permanent parent at a current day care provider, we recognise the benefit in you telling us as soon as possible that your child will not be attending day care.

When other parents, permanent or waitlist then book your absent child's place, we provide you with a payment which is typically between $20-$80 depending on the cost of your childcare fees and the timing of your absence notification. The earlier you submit an absence, the greater the reward. For absolute ease, you will be paid automatically to the bank account you register through the app. This payment is in additional to the priority access to notifications and bookings for available extra care.

Easy to customize

Priority notification on extra care

Every absence you register through the app gives you priority on extra care. When you notify us of an upcoming absence, you'll immediately benefit by receiving priority notification for any extra care places that match your child's profile. The more you use the app, the greater the priority you receive for future care.

Parent Rewards Discounts

Even more benefits on the way!

Discounts and rewards

We're talking to a host of local businesses near you to secure discounts and rewards for parents. Stay tuned for news of all our local discounts and more benefits as they're confirmed.