Parent Rewards Connect

Claim the $250 Parent Rewards Connect Payment

In order to be able to claim the $250, here is what you have to do:

1. Register through our app and be the first parent to register for that long day provider.

2. Tell your provider about and have them sign up (its free!).

3. The provider then needs to sign up within 30 days and verify your registration, for which you will receive a confirmation.

4. Once the provider receives their welcome pack, they will generally then communicate out to the parents how to book extra care and register absences.

5. Complete the claim form below and make sure your bank account details are completed in the app.

6. Once the provider has had 20 bookings and we verify everything looks kosher, we will automatically pay you the $250 into your account using the details you registered in the app.

Terms: This payment is intended as an offer to genuine parents who have a single care provider that could make use out of the service and wish to promote it to their day care. All successful payments are subject to our complete discretion, there is no right conferred by this offer. There is a general limit of 2 per person which we may apply and we reserve the right to withhold any payment should we feel that the claimant not be a genuine . No correspondence or negotiation will be entered into.