Childcare Providers

Let us help you grow and manage your business, making it easy for parents to notify absences and then promoting those vacancies to eager parents.

Improve occupancy

All kids have days off on short notice but with providers can now build closer relationships with current permanent and new parents, whilst increasing revenues from day one.

Most care providers and centres will have more than 10 per cent hidden vacancy over the course of a year - often a mixture of daily absences from sickness and holidays that can undoubtedly be more efficiently managed.

There are plenty of parents willing to take the extra care but are not aware that it exists - even your waiting list parents could be in centre today.

Benefits to your centre

Easy to customize

Current Families - Real-time absences, bookings and payments lets parents register their absences whenever it's convenient through our real-time app. This enables other parents in your centre and approved waiting list parents to book places instantly or with your approval.

Easy to customize

New Families - Active waiting lists and new bookings

We market your permanent and daily absences to waitlisted and new parents across our network, whilst giving you complete control and management. activates your waiting list and builds relationships and revenue, ensuring a constant stream of new families. This increases your natural occupancy even if you have a fully booked centre.

Easy to customize

Permanent Parents - Reward payments and priority

Many absences are under reported because permanent parents have no benefit for notifying providers. With our parent reward payments and notification system, there are two major benefits to current permanent parents:

  • Payments for any registered absence which is subsequently booked by other permanent or waiting list parents;
  • Priority for booking extra care when other parents notify absences
Easy to customize

Parent Notifications & Centre Communications

It's a simple fact of life - parent and provider communications are often not as good as they could be. But don't worry we're here to hold your hand through the whole thing! With our mobile app, parents can book and communicate absences in real-time. Centres can also drive more demand from local families who match their vacancy availability. You can even manage your own in-app notification messages direct to parents. Improved messaging improves relationships.