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Thinking of starting family day care? Here’s what you should know first.

With so many care providers and services around – it’s hard for parents to know what’s what and how to choose the best type of care for your child.

What is family day care?

Family day care is childcare provided by individuals in their homes. Family day care is organised into local schemes that have a coordination unit to support a group of family day carers. Carers are recruited, trained and resourced by the coordination unit. Family day care is available for children up to the age of 12 in small groups of four or five (depending on your state).

When is family day care open?

Family day care is usually available in regular childcare hours but can also offer other care solutions based on the needs of the registered families. Family day care can often be suitable for parents who do shift work or work that involves travel.

How much does it cost?

Family day care varies in costs, best to contact your provider to get a good indication of their fee and inclusions. The government provides support for families with the cost of childcare through the Childcare Benefit and Childcare Tax Rebate schemes and most family day carers are considered as approved care. For more information visit

What will my child do at family day care?

Quality childcare services will provide a stimulating and caring environment for your baby or child. Family day care is a home-based service with one carer for a small group of children. Many families build strong relationships with their family day carer over a long period of time. They may also get the opportunity to mix with a small group of children from a range of ages. A family day carer should provide age-appropriate activities, equipment and toys.

How do I find a family day care service?

Visit your local council or have a look at Other sites which may be useful to find local care for your child are,