For children, holidays are a break from their routine. It is a time to enjoy with friends and family, exploring interests and making memories.

For families, holidays can equate to quality time with your loved ones. What memories are made of – whether you are heading to a riverside retreat, cruising along the coast, camping in the bush…. or having a staycation at home, enjoying the best your local area has on offer

For parents, holidays can be a much-needed break…. however, if you are working during this time, the holidays can present you with a logistical nightmare. What do you do with your children while you work? If you’ve got no family nearby (or they aren’t able to help out minding the children), do you enrol your children in camps or vacation care? Or do you try to balance work and children by offering activities at home?

If you are lucky enough to have time off work,  this downtime together could be spoken about for years to come.

We discuss what makes for a great family holiday, as well as some ways you can keep your children busy if you need to work.

“The rise of American-style summer camps in Australia”
Author: Amy Bisset

Brace yourselves, American-style summer camps have arrived in Australia, and seem to be spreading like a cane toads.

Most Aussies are fairly clued up about what summer camps entail, having watched Hollywood movies such as Parent Trap and American Pie. And for those who missed these films, think of camps centred around outdoor activities and exploring the wilderness – usually with lots of humour thrown in.

While some are centred around specific activities, from surfing, horse riding (even coding these days), others are more general in nature. Either way, they all focus on activities and encouraging friendships outside a child’s normal environment.

This means leaving all electronic devices at home – no phones, no tablets, no laptops. Television is often replaced by a campfire, allowing your little ones to immerse themselves in natural surroundings. Heaven.

Read on for further details. The full article covers summer camp safety, addresses the suitability of these camps for your child, and recommends some of Australia’s top summer camps.

“Tips for a perfect family holiday”
Authors: David Mark

Holidays are undoubtedly the highlight of the year, and taking the kids along is a recipe for life-long memories. However, travelling with little ones is challenging, requiring extra thought and preparation.

For most families, happy children make happy parents, visa versa. That is why we have included this 10 step guide to creating the perfect family holiday your family will remember for years to come.

While limiting travel time and picking accommodation with a pool ensure the kids are happy, organising a babysitter or including another family with kids of a similar age will make ‘adult time’ a real possibility.

Read the full article and make up your own mind about what is needed for the perfect family holiday.

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