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Very welcoming friendly staff
We couldn’t be happier with Charlestown East Preschool. I have had two sons learn here over 3 years. The staff are experienced, lovely, easy to communicate with. They had the boys more then ready to start big school. Couldn’t ask for a better start for them. We look forward enrolling our youngest here when the time come.
Nick Chomyn
In partnership with my wife Frances, I am very pleased to have had the support and understanding of all families during the disruption in accessing the Preschool during the 2021 COVID- 19. spread The management and staff have complied with the 'Service Monthly Pandemic Covid Risk Assessments', to enable operation and continue to work in a healthy environment during 2021. The Preschool has been rated as "Three Best" Preschool in Newcastle for most part of 2021 due to the support of families and OUR Preschool school readiness program.

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